Live on October 14th, 9pm ET

Light Heavyweight Title Match

Okuma 915
El Paso, TX
Height-5 ft 8 in
Class-Light Heavyweight
Slim Reaper
Harrison, AK
Height-6 ft 1 in
Class-Light Heavyweight

Okuma 915 vs Slim Reaper

An epic showdown is scheduled for the Light Heavyweight Championship at SlapFIGHT Boiling Point on October 14th. Two top competitors, Okuma 915 and Slim Reaper, prepare to face off for the belt in what will be a battle of wills.

Okuma has relied on his consistency from match to match in order to rise to the top of the Slap Fighting ranks. He's faced all types of opponents but has yet to show any signs of vulnerability in his approach. This leaves him with a spotless 8-0 record, however, a tough test lies ahead with the veteran on the other side of the barrel, Slim Reaper.

Light Heavyweight Match

The Cannon
Sevierville, TN
Height-5 ft 7 in
Class-Light Heavyweight
Slap Daddy
Moline, IL
Height-6 ft 1 in
Class-Light Heavyweight

The Cannon vs Slap Daddy

The Cannon is the most experienced fighter in this field, logging nine previous bouts. He is also the most consistent fighter slapper, with the highest clean slap to foul ratio in the field. He spends time watching and studying his previous fights, while also trading slaps in his free time. Cannon's last two fights have gone 10 rounds and to a judge’s decision. Slap Daddy, hailing from Power Slap, is set to make his debut in SlapFIGHT Championship. He is coming off an extended hiatus from professional competition, so he will be amped up to deliver in this one. He will look to counterattack Cannon’s consistency with some devastating blows. It will be fascinating to see how their opposite styles clash in this one.

Heavyweight Match

Texarkana, TX
Height-6 ft 3 in
Wichita, KS
Height-6 ft 1 in

Bubbles vs Demon

The lone heavyweight showdown in SlapFIGHT Boiling Point showcases two hefty contenders, as expected. Both fighters bring an abundance of energy to the match, displaying an enthusiastic commitment to take and deliver powerful slaps. Bubble stands as the clear favorite in this bout, but it would be unwise to underestimate Demon's knack for enduring and absorbing slaps

Lightweight Match

Black Larry
Branson, MO
Height-5 ft 11 in
Fulton, MO
Height-5 ft 10 in

Black Larry vs Wildman

Black Larry is an up and comer on the professional SlapFIGHT scene after powering through his opponents in the Challenger series. He took down Concrete Finisher in a three round, brutal knockout. He then faced a more formidable opponent in Outlaw, however, came up just short in that 9 round bout. Wildman displayed remarkable levels of consistency, committing zero fouls in his previous match. In turn, none of those slaps really had a chance to knockout the Masked Mojito, so it’ll be interesting to see if he varies his approach in this upcoming matchup.

Lightweight Match

Grove, OK
Height-5 ft 9 in
Slap Savage
Atlanta, GA
Height-6 ft 0 in

Outlaw vs Slap Savage

Outlaw’s SlapFIGHT Championship journey has had some highs and lows. He got knocked out in his debut by Runt and committed lots of penalties in his next match loss against The Cannon. He has since bounced back with an impressive knockout against Black Larry. Some have considered this a turning point for Outlaw, who looks to continue his uptrend in SFC against the Slap Savage. Savage comes into this matchup fresh off his SlapFIGHT Championship debut against The Cannon. He displayed a fiery spirit but was unable to catch a rhythm with all of his penalties. Slap Savage may have the edge in terms of pure skill and ability to slap and defend, but he may not have enough experience to not commit penalties, something that is so crucial to winning the match.